Banana Bros Otto Grinder

Banana Bros. Otto Grinder Review – Time to Rock and Roll!

Banana Bros. Otto Grinder Review – Time to Rock and Roll!

For regular weed users, the art of rolling is part of the pleasure, and you can score major brownie points for a tight, neat blunt. It takes practice and patience, but if you’re puffing and passing, the compliments are worth the effort. That said, when you’re smoking on your own, you don’t really want to be bothered with the hassle. That’s where Otto comes in. It’s an electric grinder + roller from Banana Bros, designed to work with Banana Bros cones. Each cone has its own filter, and is made from unbleached, see-through rolling paper.

Carefully crafted parts

Otto has a solid, well-built top section with a detachable cone at the bottom. You can use the top-heavy grinder on its own, or you can slip the lower portion when you want to roll a blunt. Otto is easy to use, even for beginners, and it will produce expert-level blunts even for first-time rollers. And if you don’t want to roll, you can just use the grinder and pour your ground bud into a storage canister. Otto has several parts that include:

  • USB charging port that can roll 20 to 30 blunts per charge
  • A single power button with an indicator to show how much charge is left
  • A sealed cone tube to guarantee freshness
  • A magnetic dock to connect the grinder to the cone tube
  • An inner O-tube to hold your cone as it rolls
  • A sturdy base made of silicone

Rolling in the weed

To use Otto, just load your bud into the grinder, slip a cone into the O-tube, attach the tube to the grinder, then long-press the power button. Hold the button down until it lights up, indicating your bud is ground and your cone is rolled. Otto even twists the top shut for perfect results. The only downside is you have to do a light clean after three uses and a thorough clean after ten rolls, so it’s a tad high-maintenance. It’s fully worth that R2,500 though.

We hope our Otto Grinder Review helps you rethink your rolling game!

For Banana Bros. Otto Grinder and other top accessories, Shop online or call Virescent today on 084 419 2144.

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