Benefits of Microdosing

Benefits of Microdosing

Benefits of Microdosing : How to be more accurate.

Benefits of Microdosing – Consuming cannabis is a casual concept. They roll it up and smoke it, or they put some canna-butter in their food. They don’t worry too much about precision. And when they want to get a ‘milder effect’, they might restrict themselves to a single puff or a smaller bite. That does work, but it’s possible to be far more accurate in your microdosing quest. For example, you may be aware that certain parts of cannabis have different effects. Some hype you, some calm you, some soothe pain, some enhance creativity, some amplify sensuality. So what if you could tap into the exact result you needed? What if you could get calm before a crucial meeting but not get ‘high’ enough to damage your presentation? With Davinci Miqro, you can!

Microdose with Miqro

Based on size alone, your Davinci Miqro will limit the amount of cannabis you can ingest. It’s two-thirds the size of Davinci IQ, so it fits snugly in your pocket for emergency intake. Beyond that, it has temperature settings, so you can target the exact canna-quality you require. At about 175°C, you’ll feel less anxious, while at 185°C, the release of CBN has a more generalised calming effect. At 220°C, sore, inflamed muscles and painful spasms will start to limber up. For many cannabis users, the ‘high’ isn’t the only goal. You may want to harness the other effects of your herb. These include medicinal properties like pain relief an anti-nausea during chemotherapy.

Advantages of microdosing

Small doses of CBD / THC can stimulate your appetite, boost creative juices, still a troubled mind, relieve stress, or even help you sleep. You should probably limit yourself to 10mg, though most users are fine with 5mg. But you have to experiment to find your own limits. The beauty of Davinci Miqro is it lets you get specific with your measurements, right down to degrees and milligrams. And because it’s so discreet, you can take a rechargeable ‘hit’ whenever you need it.

For more micro-dosing advice and top quality vaping accessories, call Virescent today on 021 036 2993 .

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