Humidity Help For Your Herbs

Cannador Humidor Review – Humidity Help For Your Herbs

Humidity Help For Your Herbs

Sometimes, you visit someone’s house and you notice some attractive piece of décor, stylish trinket, or exotic accessory.

You’re drawn to it, and you find yourself wanting to touch and explore it – but only when the owner’s back is turned, because you don’t want to seem crass or nosy.

The Cannador Humidor is like that, so unless you want your weed habit openly displayed, you may want to keep it somewhere discreet.

Why? The Humidor built like a mysterious jewellery box that just seems to scream ‘open me!’ The inside is no less enticing, so someone unfamiliar with bud may open the containers and spill out your goods before they can stop themselves.

Exceptional workmanship

The Cannador Humidor – a premium-looking wooden box to illustrate, with a beautifully grained wooden layer on the outside, and a simpler layer of wood inside.

The wood is joined using bevelled edges, and the lid has sturdy hinges on each side. The box itself is lockable and scent-safe, so it guarantees you discretion. It’s heavy and bulky though, so not ideal for travel.

This particular Humidor has two glass cups inside it, each holding half an ounce of fresh bud, or three-quarters of an ounce of dried bud.

The cups have adjustable, well-ventilated lids to let your bud breathe, but the multi-layer wood keeps all scent and flavour securely inside the box.

Extra storage

Below the glass cups, the Cannador Humidor has a roomy drawer, sized just right for your paraphernalia.

It can hold a grinder and a vape pen. On the inside of your Humidor’s lid, there’s a magnetic humidity bead that absorbs any excess moisture inside the box, keeping your weed sufficiently dry.

It’s a two-way bead, therefore it can also release vapour as needed, maintaining consistency. Providing the perfect humidity help for your herbs!

The glass cups allow you to store separate strains of marijuana without mixing up their flavours.

As for the golden box itself, you can order it in blondish-cherry wood or brunette-y walnut wood. Both versions have gorgeously aesthetic wood grain patterns.

For Cannador Humidor products and other top-quality vaping accessories, Shop online or call Virescent today on 084 419 2144.

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