CVault Humidor Storage Review

CVault Humidor Storage Review

CVault Humidor Storage Review

We store our most treasured products in safes, to keep them away from peeping eyes and prying hands. So it makes sense you’d want a vault for your holy herb. You want something airtight, to maintain freshness. And lockable, to avoid contamination. It’s also helpful if your storage solution is darkened, because some strains of weed are more susceptible to sun damage from ultra-violet radiation. CVault Humidor offers the perfect solution. CVault’s storage dishes are a delightfully shiny display of curves and food-grade stainless steel. They have three latches to keep your weed secure, and are sealed with quarter-inch silicone to keep the air out.

Size can be helpful

CVaults come in three capacities – 0.7 litres, 2 litres, and 21 litres. On the inside lid, there’s a humidity pack that can hold Boveda humidifiers. These sachets maintain consistent, ideal humidity levels inside the container. Boveda is a two-way product, meaning it can both suck up excess moisture and release water vapour into your weed when it’s too dry. The dishes are stackable for convenience, and they can keep your weed fresh for months at a time. They can be used both for curing and general storage. The smallest CVault doesn’t have a latch, but it still has a Boveda pack and it’s small enough to carry around on your daily errands.

Curvy cannabis

While the CVault is mainly intended for marijuana, these circular storage dishes are sometimes repurposed for spices and other products. And just like spices whose scent and flavour needs to be kept in, CVault dishes are scent-proof. Not a whiff floats out, so it ensures your weed retains its potency while avoiding unwanted attention. It’s stainless steel so it’s easy to clean and won’t rust. Containers come with a Boveda pack included. They’re beautiful to look at, so they do offer aesthetic stimulation, especially in the middle of a smoking session. They have a clean, simple design, so look out for the distinct CVault logo to be sure your canisters are genuine.

For CVault products and other top quality vaping accessories, shop online or call Virescent today on 084 419 2144.

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