DaVinci IQ: The Full Vape Review

DaVinci IQ: The Full Vape Review

DaVinci IQ: Vape Review

When you spend over R4, 000 on a product, you want a warranty. And when said warranty is 10 years, you know you’re in good hands. DaVinci IQ is the ultimate smart vape, just like its name. And yes, there’s an app for that. With a gorgeous brushed aluminium exterior, the DaVinci IQ looks luxurious and stylish. It’s ideal for strain-based vaping, because it has four temperature settings to match the high you’re going for. (Low heat offers a chill, calming effect without slowing your cognition, while high heat enhances your psychoactive response to weed.) For even heating and added flavour, the vape is loaded with a zirconia pearl.

Higher and higher

Extreme heat (above 235°C) makes your vape as harsh as a regular blunt. But the higher your heat, the better the weed works, so DaVinci IQ has a ‘smart path’ setting where the temperature gradually rises as your continue to inhale. It also has an elongated mouthpiece. The extra length means the hot air cools slightly before it hits your lips and lungs, so you’re less likely to burn. Other interesting features include:

  • 1 hour of continuous battery use
  • Haptic feedback and LED light display
  • Flavour chamber which doubles as a storage chamber
  • Multiple colour options – blue, copper, stealth, or gun-metal grey

Effective conduction heating

This sleek devices uses conduction to warm up your weed. Its battery is removable, so it won’t alarm airport security (provided the place you’re flying to or from allows it). That said, once your DaVinci IQ powers down, it can take up to 3 hours to gain a full charge. It’s a fashionable gadget, and its accessories (sold separately), make it even more stylish. They include a finger glove, a carry can, a grinder, a spacer, and spare batteries. Also, battery usage is adjustable through the app, so if you know your next charge is a while away, you can set your vape to use up less battery power, allowing you to use it longer.

For DaVinci products and other top quality vaping accessories, shop online or contact Virescent today on 084 419 2144.

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