9-Strain Cannador® Storage Box

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The 9-Strain Cannador® is the ultimate product for the strain conscious connoisseur who likes to keep larger amounts of herbs separated and fresh with nine glass cups. You can store up to 2.25 ounces in this beautifully crafted piece in walnut exterior veneer with a solid wood mahogany interior. With two separate layers of wood and a dual-fitted lip, you can rest assured no smell will leak. The finish is a clear matte to give a more natural look and feel to the walnut veneer.


9-Strain Cannador® Storage Box

The 9-Strain Cannador® Storage Box contains nine glass cups, each of which hold 1/4 oz (or 1/2 oz ground) and can therefore easily fit 2.25 ounces total.

The following is included in the storage box :

  • Firstly – nine small 1/4 oz (or 1/2 oz ground) glass cups with adjustable ventilated lids
  • Secondly – nine airtight lids
  • Thirdly – nine rewritable strain labels
  • Two keys
  • As well as VaporBeads

Each removable glass cup has an adjustable ventilated lid that slides open to allow for moist air from the humidity system to keep things fresh.

The lids can be adjusted to be closed or opened to allow for humidified air to pass through. A wooden plate keeps these glass cups in place.


Extra storage

Below the glass cups, the Cannador Humidor has a roomy drawer, sized just right for your paraphernalia.

It can hold a grinder and a vape pen.

On the inside of your Humidor’s lid, there’s a magnetic humidity bead that absorbs any excess moisture inside the box, keeping your weed sufficiently dry.

It’s a two-way bead, so it can also release vapour as needed, maintaining consistency.

The glass cups allow you to store separate strains of marijuana without mixing up their flavours.

As for the golden box itself, you can order it in blondish-cherry wood or brunette-y walnut wood. Both versions have gorgeously aesthetic wood grain patterns.

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