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Perfectly pack the bowl of your IQ Vaporizer every time with these glass spacers.  Set includes [1] 10mm glass spacer and [1] 6mm glass spacer.

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DaVinci IQ GLASS SPACERS will take your Davinci IQ from an A grade vape to an A+!

Perfectly pack the bowl of your IQ Vaporizer every time with these glass spacers. … Set includes [1] 10mm glass spacer and [1] 6mm glass spacer.
Durable – allowing you to able to use 50% to 75% less leaf than normal. Ideal for those ONE-HIT-WONDERS !
The spacer fills the empty space so that the leaf matter is held tightly against the oven walls giving a much better vape and subsequent cloud.
Should you not want to use the full chamber, these spacers are super convenient and great for saving the good stuff!
Highly recommended additional purchase by fellow passionate herb users. Use it for a nice morning session and light afternoon sessions and then go full chamber for night time relaxation.
Best of all, this is a true must have for expanding the versatility of the IQ.
Glass spacers turn the IQ into a perfect machine for small sessions without wasting material.
The large spacer works really well. These spacers are specifically a absolute must-have to allow you to take full advantage of the IQ when you only want a few hits.

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