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Hearts Pre-Roll Cones 20 Pack

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Hearts Pre-Roll Cones 20

You’re so dope, cannabe your valentine?” Our hearts pre-roll cones 20 pack will have you falling in-love with your herb all over again!

Additionally, Pair your pre-rolls with a pop-top tube to safely secure your pre-rolls, everytime.

PAPER TYPE:Heart Printed Papers

SIZE:109mm pre-rolled cones with a 26mm crutch.

BEST FOR:Perfect for full gram pre-rolls.

CERTIFICATIONS:Our pre-rolled cones are all FSC Certified and made under FDA standards for food grade paper.

Ultra-Thin Printed Paper

We firstly use only the highest quality starting materials for our printed paper pre-rolled cones.

Secondly, You will definitely notice the difference in a slower, smoother burning experience.

Vegetable-Based Dyes

We only use vegetable based inks, ensuring a smooth smoke and compliancy in regulated markets. We have developed a special print process, which ensure we use the least amount of inks and only works with sensitive vegetable based dyes.

Designer Hearts Pre-Roll Cones

Truly stand out and show off with these unique and limited edition designer pre-rolled cones.

Available in packs of 20, 100, 200, 400 and 800 namely.

Every smoker has a different smoking style and likes to prepare, store and smoke it differently.

Some like to prepare joints every time they smoke and some hate the preparation part and want to jump directly to the smoking part. The latter kind of people like to prepare and store their joints so that they can smoke whenever they want to, without any preparation – “pre-rolling” as they call it.




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