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Hempzilla CBD POD: Tango Mango

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Hempzilla CBD POD: Tango Mango

Hempzilla CBD POD: Tango Mango

Hempzilla’s proprietary blend proves best in flavor and strength when it comes to CBD vape juices.

Enjoy the taste of an endless summer with this bold new product that provides a super fruity taste of natural, CBD-enhanced nectar.

This Vapor Pod Enhances your enjoyment of our CBD Ki Hempzilla vape.

Ki Vapor. A sleek design built for comfort and consistent vapor delivery unlike anything before.

Designed to enhance your CBD vaping experience.

The auto draw pod design is sleek and has double the amount of liquid and battery power when compared to other leading brands. 20-minute quick charge capabilities are provided by Ki.

Each Hempzilla Ki Pod comes with One pre-filled 1.6ml pod containing 300mg full spectrum compatible for only the Ki Device.

More about the Ki Device :

The Ki Device is compatible with CBD THC and Nicotine as well as offering a superior vaping experience. 2x more liquid than leading brands per pod. The Ki Pod capacity is 1.6ml.

2x the Battery Power compared to leading brands. Ki offers 20-minute quick charge capabilities Plus Pass-Thru technology – Use While Charging.

The Ki to 3: The Ki is compatible with Nicotine, CBD, and THC Liquids.

Advance internal heating element with Multi-Viscosity processing power.

Superior Technology, Unmatched Performance, and Modern Visual Appeal.

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