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Hybrid Pre-Roll Cones 800

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PAPER TYPE:Unrefined Brown

SIZES: 109/26mm sizes available

FEATURES:Indica branding on the crutch

PERFECT FOR:Multi-Strain Packs


Hybrid Pre-Roll Cones 800 Pack

Hybrid Pre-Roll Cones 800 Pack to customize and easily identify your cones each time.

Additionally, Pair your pre-rolls with a child resistant pop-top tube to safely secure your pre-rolls, everytime.

PAPER TYPE:Unrefined Brown

SIZES:109/26mm sizes available

FEATURES:Hybrid branding on the crutch

PERFECT FOR:Multi-Strain Packs

Green Colored Filter – Bold, Unique, Transparent

Make it crystal clear to everyone what type of strain you are smoking on. No more do they have to wonder whether you are smoking on a Hybrid or not.

The Hybrid branded cone crutch is bright green so it stands out.

The  crutch has Hybrid written in bold text, and a green colored background to signify the mix of effects Hybrid strains giving off.

Available in packs of 20,100,200,400 and 800 namely.

Every smoker has a different smoking style and likes to prepare, store and smoke it differently.

Some like to prepare joints every time they smoke and some hate the preparation part and want to jump directly to the smoking part. The latter kind of people like to prepare and store their joints so that they can smoke whenever they want to, without any preparation – “pre-rolling” as they call it.

We stock a wide variety of pre-roll cones for multiple strains.

We offer a variety of pre-rolls for your convenience.


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