The DaVinci IQ Pearl

The IQ Pearl helps you to pack your herb in the bowl firmly. It pushes your material to maintain surrounding radiant temperature for your herb to vaporize evenly.

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The DaVinci IQ Pearl

The DaVinci IQ Pearl is a small but very important component for the IQ’s functionality as it emanates heat from the bottom end of the chamber, ensuring even vaporization of your herb.

How The DaVinci IQ Pearl Works:

The IQ Pearl helps you to pack your herb in the bowl firmly by screwing into the bottom of the chamber lid so that when the lid is closed, the Pearl tamps down the chamber for a tightly packed bowl. Heat then radiates from the DaVinci Pearl to evenly vaporizer dry herb. This DaVinci Vaporizer part is composed of high-grade zirconia ceramic, ensuring the best conduction and vapor quality

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