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Otto Grinder Carrying Case

OTTO loves to travel! Take him with you wherever you go.

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Otto Grinder Carrying Case

Otto Grinder Carrying Case in a sleek black design. Your OTTO loves to travel! Take him with you wherever you go, whether it’s camping, to a party, or just to your friend’s house for a quiet evening of taking it easy. This stylish new carrying case will have OTTO ready to go and dressed to impress.

The Carry Case would make a perfect partner for keeping your Otto safe while maintaining its condition.

As the holidays are approaching and you may be searching for a great gift for your herbal connoisseur buddy, or even yourself, this carry case would truly be appreciated and make a fantastic gift.

More about Otto: The Future of Rolling A Doobie

The Brain Behind OTTO’s intelligent technology senses density, moisture level, texture, and consistency of your herb. Using that data, OTTO adjusts pressure, speed and direction and mills to perfection, delivering far better results than grinding and hand-rolling.

Precision-engineered milling blades are made form Aerospace-grade aluminum.

Eliminating the risk of runs as well as waste in spite of hand rolling.

Rolling takes time as well as can be messy, and it doesn’t always come out exactly right. Let the Otto handle your business.


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