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PAX 3 Burgundy Basic Kit

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PAX 3 Burgundy Basic Kit Vaporizer is ideal with Dry Herbs or Extract.

PAX 3 Burgundy Basic Kit is is a true dual-use vaporizer and with options for dry herb and extract, as a result you can truly elevate your vape experience to the highest degree.

By enjoying your dry herb if that is your style or by effortlessly switching to concentrates with ease, however your mood !

Make Magical Moments – Combustion is old news. PAX 3 Vaporizer Dual-Use provides a seamless transition for switching to vapor. Even though it’s simple, it’s also special and all about you.

Get Quality Sessions – PAX is high-performance from the inside-out, with the latest in battery technology to accommodate multiple sessions without needing a charge. Backed by a 10-year warranty for added peace of mind.

Have It Your Way – PAX 3 comes with two options to enjoy – stick to dry herb if that’s more your style, or easily switch to concentrates. Match your preference to performance, no matter your mood.

Smart and Savvy – PAX communicates with you through LED lights that show heating status, battery life and temperature settings. Save settings and design an experience that you can replicate time and again. Use the PAX mobile app for even more precision.

The PAX 3 Basic Kit features the same industry-leading portable vaporizer but without the Half Pack Oven Lid and without the Concentrate Insert. PAX 3 Basic Kit is perfect for those who are looking to vaporize exclusively dry herbs.
The Pax 3 is worth taking care of. Anyone who owns one would be able to tell you that. Its popularity as one of the world’s favorite vapes is only matched by its perfect functionality. Pax is known for dominating the portable dry herb vape world with its small, sleek, smart, and durable creations. With an ultra-elegant look and feel, ease of use, portability, discretion and reliability,


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