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PAX 3 Burgundy Complete Kit

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PAX 3 Burgundy Complete Kit is a true dual-use vaporizer for dry herb and extract.

PAX 3 Burgundy Complete Kit is a true dual-use vaporizer and with options for dry herb and extract, as a result you can truly elevate your vape experience to the highest degree. By enjoying your dry herb if that is your style or by effortlessly switching to concentrates with ease, however your mood ! Industry-leading heat technology specifically designed to evenly heat your herb to avoid wastage, extended battery life because we want you to enjoy multiple sessions without worrying about a charge and above all a 2X powerful oven with 60+ varying temperature settings. You certainly will not be disappointed with this incredible vaporizer.



  • 8 – 10 Sessions per Charge
  • 60+ Temperature Settings
  • 22 Second Best-In-Class Heat-Up
  • Vibration Notifications with LED lights showing battery life, heat status, even your current temp settings.
  • Bluetooth Enabled



Battery: 3500 mAH

Sessions Per Charge: 8-10 per charge

Charge Time: 90min

Device Size: 4”h X 1”w X 1”d

Oven Size: 0.3g

Temperature Range: 182-216 °C

Average Heat Time: 20 sec

App Support: Yes via bluetooth LE

Bluetooth Range: 10 feet

More about the PAX 3 :


PAX 3 is the first of the PAX line to feature concentrate compatibility. Boasting a premium insert, PAX 3 easily converts to a concentrate vaporizer. Place the included insert into the herb chamber and enjoy all the nuances of concentrates on-the-go. PAX 3 features temperature settings optimized for concentrates, delivering smooth, flavorful hits.


A new half-pack oven lid ensures excellent vapor quality even with smaller loads of dry herb. Simple to use and designed for easy cleaning, this essential accessory enables you to get more flavor and effects from less material. Expect about 2 sessions per fully loaded half-pack oven lid.


Utilizing a 3500mAh lithium ion battery, the PAX 3 Complete Kit has 500mAh more power than its predecessor. Enjoy longer battery life and faster heating. The PAX 3 comes with a magnetic charging dock with an easy snap-on connection, charging the unit via USB. When fully charged, PAX 3 can run for close to 1.5 hours. Boosted power greatly increases heat up time, with the lowest vaping temp reached in just 15 seconds. Expect quick hits whenever and wherever you want.


Designed for maximum discretion, PAX 3 introduces haptic feedback. Rather than wait for a display to alert you when your vape has reached its set temperature, you’ll be alerted by vibration. This feature enables you to keep your PAX 3 concealed when not in use. You’ll also receive a vibration notification if the device enters Standby Mode. The PAX Vapor app allows users to adjust vibration strength for a personalized experience.

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