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PAX 3 Combo Pack

C O M B O • P A C K

PAX & Highbrid Innovations

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Included in the Combo Pack:

1 x PAX 3 Vaporizer Basic Kit
1 x VapePress
1 x Krush Grinder

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PAX 3 Combo Pack

PAX 3 Combo Pack not only offers an extremely discreet, but always available to travel around with, vaporizer and vapepress.

The PAX 3 Basic Kit features the same industry-leading portable vaporizer but without the Half Pack Oven Lid and without the Concentrate Insert.
PAX 3 Basic Kit is perfect for those who are looking to vaporize exclusively dry herbs.
The Pax 3 is worth taking care of. Anyone who owns one would be able to tell you that. Its popularity as one of the world’s favorite vapes is only matched by its perfect functionality.
Pax, definitely known for dominating the portable dry herb vape world with its small, sleek, smart, and durable creations.
With an ultra-elegant look and feel, ease of use, portability, discretion and reliability all in all.

PAX 3 Combo Pack Brings The Best In Portable Vaporizers With A Portable Vapepress From Highbrid Innovations.

Flower Press can be used to create flower cakes that fit the PAX 2 or PAX 3.

The VapePress is the world’s first portable device which allows herbal vaporizer users to press their dried herbs into convenient cakes.

What’s more, The VapePress produces the best custom cakes specific to your ground leaf vaporizer of choice.

Overall Vape Cakes improve:

DURABILITY – Cakes maintain their shape for days
CONVENIENCE – Instant load and reload. No more scraping or digging
PORTABILITY – Take these Cakes anywhere. No more messy loose leaf
HIT CAPACITY – Cakes extend your session time for intermittent use on a single pack or for sharing with friends
HIT QUALITY – Provides denser, tastier hits


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