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VapePress for Boundless CFX

Flower Press Assembly For Boundless CFX  Includes:

1 – T-Handle Press

1 – Boundless CFX Proprietary Die

1 – Boundless CFX Proprietary Push Block

1 – Boundless CFX Press Plate

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VapePress for Boundless CFX Portable Herb Press

VapePress for Boundless CFX is the world’s first portable device that allows herbal vaporizer users to press their dried herbs into convenient cakes.

This versatile VapePress is an essential companion for your dry leaf vaporizer (Boundless CFX).

DaVinci IQ, a Mighty or Crafty, a Flowermate, a PAX, a Herbva Viva or Pro namely, whichever you may own, in the same way the right VapePress kit can press custom cakes for your vaporizer.

Providing superior convenience, exceptional experience and quality performance. Save time on the go.

The Vape Press produces custom cakes specific to your ground leaf vaporizer of choice. Vape Cakes improve:

  • DURABILITY – Cakes maintain their shape for days accordingly
  • CONVENIENCE – Instant load and reload. No more scraping or digging
  • PORTABILITY – Take these Cakes anywhere. No more messy loose leaf
  • HIT CAPACITY – Cakes extend your session time for intermittent use on a single pack or for sharing with friends
  • HIT QUALITY – Provides denser, tastier hits just as you would expect
  • CLEANLINESS – Keeps your device significantly cleaner in spite of normal ground leaf pack

Pretty simple science here – your pressed Vape Cakes stay dense until heated – as heat triggers expansion,hence  creating an even flow of vapor and a thorough bake.

This practical tool from Highbrid Innovations comes highly recommended to anyone wanting to get the most out of their vape.

Specific Devices Compatible With This Press

Boundless CFX

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