Virescent Woven Softshell Jacket

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.Virescent Woven Softshell Jacket

Virescent Woven Softshell Jacket are made from a woven material in contrast to the stiffer material of hard shell jackets.

Because of their weather resistance and excellent mobility, softshell jackets are an ideal choice that is available in either black or grey.

It is ideal for complementing your active lifestyle, the lightweight, mobile construction of the softshell ensures you’ll keep moving freely even with an extra layer on-board.

Most softshell jackets are not waterproof but water-resistant and highly breathable. They are also warmer and generally stretchy.

Softshells keep you dry by wicking sweat from your lower layers to the outside of your jacket where it spreads out and evaporates.

As a fact, softshells jackets behave quite a lot like fleece, but with better water and wind resistance.

Softshell vs. Hard Shell

Designed with breathability in mind, a softshell jacket offers more comfort than a traditional hard shell jacket.

With the softer material making it much more moveable.

The material is nowhere near as rigid and also creases less, almost like a hoodie.

Doesn’t rustle, allowing for inaudible ease of movement.

A favourite of runners, cyclists, climbers and anyone who requires an extra range of movement and moisture control inside their clothing.

Softshell is an excellent choice for any wardrobe.

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