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Virescent Brand And Products

Virescent Brand And Products

Virescent Brand And Products Undestand that every day, more and more research are done on the advantages of cannabidiol (CBD). It’s the part of cannabis that offers health benefits and has been proven to

  • alleviate pain,
  • relieve anxiety,
  • and minimise seizures, among others.

Medicinal use is now legal in many countries, especially for non-THC strains (THC is the part that alters your state). Still, whether you’re in it for prescription or pleasure, Virescent offers tools and accessories that let you do it in style.


Smoking produces faster results than other methods of consuming CBD. But rolling papers are bad for your lungs. Glass, zirconium, and ceramics are safer. Vape pens and other vape devices allow you to grind, burn, and smoke your cannabis while protecting your lungs. Try our comprehensive Davinci Miqro explorer kit, complete with its own grinder, oven, glove, carry case, temperature settings, and an extended mouth piece. You can charge it by USB, and it promises the purest flavour for your herb. Or start off with a solo unit to get the hang of it. Alternatively, use our Banana Bros cones to more closely mimic the sensation of a raw roll. Before you load your vape or cone, you can prepare your herb with glossy T-handle VapePress.

Storage options

CBD has a longer shelf life than kitchen herbs, but only if stored properly. Ideally, you want to keep it air-tight and shaded, so we recommend light-proof options. We stock food-grade stainless steel cVaults with capacities from 2 to 21 litres, each with three or four secure safety latches. Some units have built-in humidity features. Or you could pick our lockable Cannador wooden storage boxes. The boxes contain mini glass cannisters with perforated tops to keep your strains separate, and some have nooks and/or drawers where you can stash your accessories. With its layered wood and humidity bead, Cannador seals in all scent, ensuring complete discretion. We also have 8g to 320g Boveda packs to freshen up your humidor. For a wide variety of safe, stylish, contemporary cannabis accessories, or to purchase some of our fashionably branded merch, give us a call today!

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