What is Microdosing?

What is Microdosing?

There are lots of different ways to use cannabis. You can roll it, vape it, cook it, or massage it into your skin. You can consume it in ‘raw’ form, have it pressed into oil, or have it processed into pills. Oils and pills are easier to measure, because you can count out your millilitres or milligrams. This helps you gauge the amount you need for the desired effect. With time and practice, you can assess your needs pretty accurately. Microdosing is when you take less than your regular volumes. You consume small amounts, spaced out for better effect. The two main components of cannabis are CBD and THC. CBD is largely used for its healing properties, while THC is more popular for ‘getting you high’. In reality, they have overlapping effects.

The reason for microdosing

While CBD can lift your spirits and soothe depression, THC can be helpful in preventing rumination and slowing your thoughts, which can devolve into depression of it’s left unchecked. That said, CBD doesn’t generally get you high. And in microdoses, THC won’t get you high either. The trick is knowing when to stop. On average, you can take up to 5 mg of THC without getting high. This means you’ll feel calmer, clearer, maybe even more creative. But it won’t adversely affect your mental function or impair your movements. This is all relative though.

Microdosing CBD

You need higher amounts of CBD to get the same microdosing effect as THC. Roughly, 5 to 10mg of CBD has the same micro-effect as 1 to 5mg of THC. But the precise difference depends on the quality of your cannabis, your tolerance levels, and the unique way your body breaks down the product. It’s best to use oils or pills, starting at the lowest dose then waiting a few hours. This way, you can pace yourself to get the desired effects. It’s not as easy to mete out edibles, vapes, or rolls. So when you need to wind down or you’re looking for mild pain relief, try microdosing.

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